+RFID™ Smart Labels

We’re building an extensive portfolio of smart labeled medications.

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Supporting a safe, more efficient medication inventory process

+RFID supports that effort by eliminating tedious manual tagging and data entry. RFID in healthcare may help improve patient safety by reducing medical errors.1

Ready-to-read data straight from the manufacturer

Compatible with GS1 global standards compliant systems, including IntelliGuard®, our tags arrive ready-to-read with crucial product information.

Developed to meet interoperable data standards

+RFID was developed with guidance from GS1 US to meet global standards and ensure interoperability throughout the supply chain.

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1. Yao, Wen & Chu, Chao & Li, Zang. (2010). The use of RFID in healthcare: Benefits and barriers. 128 - 134. 10.1109/RFID-TA.2010.5529874.

Diprivan® (Propofol) Injectable Emulsion, USP

Diprivan 200 mg per 20 mL is now also available with +RFID Smart Labels, supporting a more efficient medication inventory process.

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Embedded Tag and Data

Embedded data may help reduce the risk of error from manual tagging and data entry.

Built for the Future

+RFID smart labels are built on industry standards to ensure interoperability and actionable data from our tag, enabling multiple read-points to easily leverage information. No cloud lookups needed.

+RFID tags are custom designed per medication specification. Each tag provides the highest quality read out and is built to stand up to the demands of the supply chain.

For more information visit the +RFID website