Ready-to-Administer Drugs

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Fresenius Kabi is rapidly expanding its suite of ready-to-administer (RTA) offerings to ensure pharmacists and nurses have a wide range of prefilled, standard strengths, single-patient delivery systems options — from bags to syringes — that streamline medication management from the pharmacy to the bedside, and eliminate steps where errors can occur.

Featured Products

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Simplist­­™ prefilled syringes

Fresenius Kabi’s exclusive Simplist prefilled syringes, available for 9 medications in 20 standardized strengths, bring you streamlined medication management at the point of care. FDA approved, manufacturer-prepared, cGMP compliant, with a 24-month shelf life, they require no assembly or point-of-care preparation and feature clear and distinct labels — with large type, color coding, and individual bar codes — to differentiate product offerings. Simple. By design.

For more information visit the Simplist website

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freeflex® line of premixed drugs

Fresenius Kabi’s solution to the increasing complexity of drug handling and infusion protocols, freeflex® is designed to simplify user experience and maximize patient safety. From the crystal-clear, non-PVC, non-DEHP bag and patented leak resistant technology to the easy-to-handle bag design and visually-distinct labeling, every element of this innovative and flexible container system makes freeflex® your simple choice for safe infusions.