Plasmapheresis Systems

Plasmapheresis Systems

Fresenius Kabi focuses its plasmapheresis portfolio on the experience of donors, the people at the heart of a plasma center’s business. Everything we do — from the friendly design of our devices to the smooth integration of our systems, and the skill and dedication of our people — help you put a smile on the face of every donor who walks through your door, ensuring they'll want to come back to your center again and again.

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Fresenius Kabi Plasmapheresis:
Experience is every thing.

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Aurora’s intuitive interface, visual prompts, and vein control features keep everyone — even your newest phlebotomists and donors — feeling comfortable with the procedure and moving efficiently through the process. With a design that is well-suited to the expectations of today's digital device users, as well as an Optimized Nomogram feature that allows for more plasma per donation compared to the standard nomogram, Aurora will deliver real value to your business over the long run.

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Aurora Xi

Aurora Xi’s proprietary spinning membrane, larger reservoir, and updated algorithms provide a faster separation process, moving phlebotomists and donors through the procedure in less time. With safety features, low cell count plasma, and the same Optimized Nomogram feature as the original Aurora, the performance of the Aurora Xi can help your center be its most productive and put a smile on every donor's face.


With proven two-way data communication between your donor management systems and your plasmapheresis devices, DXT provides auto-programing of Aurora and Aurora Xi, allowing for a paperless system and reducing the chance for documentation errors. DXT also offers data-driven insights to help enhance collection performance. Our WiFi-enabled DXT Data Management System is the final component needed for achieving an integrated physical and digital collection ecosystem.

Plasma Business Consultants

Our team of dedicated Plasma Consultants has personal experience in managing plasma centers and deep knowledge of industry best practices. They are your source for operator and technician training at both new and existing centers, operational support, and customized improvement programs to help your centers meet their goals.

Refer to the Operating Instructions and Operator's Manual for a complete list of warnings and precautions associated with the use of these products.