Manual Blood Collections

Manual Blood Collections

Fresenius Kabi offers a broad range of manual collection technologies designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of blood centers' whole blood manual processes.

Featured Products

CompoSeal Slim Tube Sealing System

CompoSeal Slim is a flexible and efficient desktop tube sealing system that can handle a large range of tubing sizes. Up to 8 CompoSeal devices can be combined to enable cascade sealing.

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CompoGuard Whole Blood Collection System

CompoGuard & DonationMaster Net Whole Blood Collection System

The complete line of CompoGuard & DonationMaster Net Whole Blood Collection systems is designed to optimize whole blood collections in blood bag systems in a range of collection environments.

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CompoSeal Mobilea II Portable Tube Sealer

CompoSeal Mobilea II Portable Tube Sealer

The CompoSeal Mobilea II is a lightweight, portable radio frequency (RF) sealer designed to seal medical PVC tubing in both mobile donation settings and fixed-site processing environments.

Download CompoSeal Mobilea II product information sheet

Refer to the Operating Instructions and Operator's Manual for a complete list of warnings and precautions associated with the use of these products.