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IV Solutions: Together, We Can Care Better

We have a growing portfolio of IV solutions in our innovative freeflex® and freeflex®+ IV bags. All our bags are designed with the clinician in mind, to help reduce infusion errors, injury and waste, so they can focus on patient care.

We collaborated with nurses, pharmacy techs and pharmacists to engineer simplicity and safety into every detail of our innovative IV bags. freeflex and freeflex+ IV bags offer Leak Prevention, Sterility Protection and Needle-Stick Prevention. All freeflex and freeflex+ IV bags are also non-PVC and non-DEHP to reduce risk of hazardous exposure.1

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Base Solutions Products:

* 36 month expiry products

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Mixed Dextrose-Sodium Chloride IV Solutions in freeflex IV Bags

It's about time:

We have 36-month expiration dating on many Mixed Dextrose-Sodium Chloride IV Solutions.

* 36 month expiry products

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Potassium Chloride Products in freeflex IV Bags

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* 36 month expiry products

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Other Solutions

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* 36 month expiry products

** Not for Intravenous Injection

Products Available in freeflex+ IV Bags

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Learn how freeflex and freeflex+ IV bags help reduce risk for your most vulnerable patients.

For more information and to view our growing portfolio of freeflex products, please visit www.freeflexivbags.com.

To place an order, contact your Sales Representative or call Customer Service at 1.888.386.1300.