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freeflex®: Next generation IV bag

As drug handling and infusion protocols become increasingly complex, need for safe, simple-to-use infusion containers is critically important. Available from Fresenius Kabi, freeflex® is clear, non-PVC bag designed to help minimize drug errors and maximize patient safety. From the leak resistant technology to easy-to-handle bag design, every element of innovative and flexible container system is designed to enable safe and simple infusion therapy.

freeflex® is “The simple choice for safe infusions”

Key features

  • Ready-to-administer
  • Non-PVC, non-DEHP, not made with natural rubber latex
  • Visually distinct labeling
  • Bar coded
  • Crystal clear bag clarity
  • Self-sealing septum
  • Easy to handle

Please refer to the applicable product's package insert for a complete list of warnings and precautions related to freeflex®.