Data Matrix Barcodes

More crucial data. Streamlined workflows. 
Better patient care.

Fresenius Kabi is introducing Data Matrix barcodes to product labels at the unit of use across our portfolio of injectable and specialty pharmaceutical products to help streamline workflows throughout hospitals and improve medication safety for better patient care. 

By adding Data Matrix barcodes to all product labels, we can help customers save time, track medication more accurately, and reduce the potential for errors.

Get more out of a barcode

Enables the immediate population of crucial drug data in healthcare systems, eliminating manual data entry and transcription. 

Facilitates system-wide data integration of Lot and Expiry to help track potential recalls and expired medication dates.

Supports safety checks during preparation, dispensing, and administration by ensuring the clinician has the right drug in-date and is not recalled.

Product Labels at the unit of use will include:


GS1 Data Matrix barcodes

Data Matrix barcodes are the natural evolution in automatic identification for medication management, information capture, and verification of products in medication use systems.


GS1 Data Matrix is a two-dimensional (2D) barcode symbology with very high data density, storing more crucial information — GTIN (NDC), Lot, and Expiry — compared to a linear barcode.