Data Management Solutions

Data Management Solutions

Fresenius Kabi’s data management offerings provide flexible solutions that are designed to drive operational improvements through data driven insights and essential integration with your computer systems.

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DXT is designed to:

  • Increase the number of products collected per procedure, and as a result, lower costs 
  • Help reduce operator entries and documentation errors with a paperless donor floor
  • Provide insights to collect an optimal procedure based on donor potential and device capabilities aligning with center inventory needs
  • Interface bi-directionally with Blood Establishment Computer System (BECS)

DXT’s electronic procedure record may assist in waste reduction. DXT stores an electronic copy of the procedure record, providing complete and accurate documentation of procedure events. With automated documentation, DXT provides ability to reduce product discards due to manual documentation errors and omissions.

DXT analytics provide insights into center operations through powerful dashboards and actionable reports designed to drive operational improvements.

DXT integrated with your BECS has the ability to support regulatory and compliance reporting.  When fully integrated with your BECS, DXT’s bi-directional, wireless communication sends procedure parameters directly to a compatible Fresenius Kabi device and then receives all procedure records from connected instruments/devices after completion of procedures.

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Refer to the Operating Instructions and Operator's Manual for a complete list of warnings and precautions associated with the use of these products.