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Expanding into biosimilars to make biologics more accessible

Fresenius Kabi is leading collaborative efforts here in the United States and around the world to increase the availability and affordability of quality biologics through a new portfolio of biosimilars, just as we have done over the last several decades for IV medicines with our broad range of generic injectable offerings. 

Applying extensive expertise and investment

Biological medicines present unusual production requirements — they are large, protein-based compounds grown in or derived from natural living cell lines and are packaged for administration by injection or infusion. Fresenius Kabi is uniquely positioned to realize success in this challenging arena, with a proven track record in the United States in developing and delivering a reliable supply of IV drugs — many based on complex formulations and produced in unique ready-to-use bags and single-dose syringes. To these critical areas of expertise, we have added a growing team of international experts in the development of biologics and a new R&D center in Eysins, Switzerland, all backed by significant global investment. 

Focusing on cancer and auto-immune diseases

Making affordable, high-quality health care available to patients coping with critical and chronic diseases is an integral part of Fresenius Kabi’s corporate purpose. To that end, our biosimilar portfolio will focus in two high-demand patient therapy areas: oncology, in which we already have one of the most comprehensive portfolios of traditional generic injectable medicines, and immunology. In both, we currently have multiple candidates in development.

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Delivering on patient support through KabiCareTM

Fresenius Kabi has built a reputation with medical professionals in the United States for excellence in customer service, and with a portfolio of drugs used across all points of care, a unique appreciation of the diverse patient population needs that must be met. Applying that mindset and understanding to our biosimilars offering, we are pairing all our biosimilar drugs with a novel, comprehensive support program-KabiCareTM. Designed to enhance communication between patients and physicians and complement the care provided by their medical team, we believe it will help ensure patients have what they need to benefit most from their biosimilars therapy — without increasing the workload put on our nation’s caregivers.