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Fresenius Kabi offers a comprehensive line of blood component manufacturing equipment designed for efficiency and accuracy in blood centers' component manufacturing operations.

Featured Products

CompoMat G5 Automated Blood Component Separator

CompoMat G5 Plus Automated Blood Component Separator

The CompoMat G5 Plus & CompoMaster Net G5 Plus System is designed to efficiently and reproducibly automate the separation of whole blood units in blood bag systems into blood components. CompoMat G5 Plus improves processing speed while maximizing plasma yields by combining multiple manual steps and automating them. With the flexibility of customized separation programs and breaker functionality to automatically open Blood-Pack Unit cannulae, the system can easily adapt to your center’s individual processing needs.

Download CompoMat G5 Plus product information sheet


CompoSeal Slim Tube Sealing System

CompoSeal Slim is a flexible and efficient desktop tube sealing system that can handle a large range of tubing sizes. Up to 8 CompoSeal devices can be combined to enable cascade segment sealing.

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CompoDock Sterile Tube Connection System

CompoDock Sterile Tube Connection System

CompoDock's high frequency technology seals and connects medical PVC tubing while maintaining a closed, sterile system. The technology eliminates copper wafers and their environmental impact. Odors and exhaust are reduced from the process. The sealed, closed system preserves the expiration date.  The DockMaster Net optional data management system collects and documents cGMP required data across multiple devices.

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Refer to the Operating Instructions and Operator's Manual for a complete list of warnings and precautions associated with the use of these products.