Fresenius Kabi and Calea Head Office

What protocols are in place for the staff at Head Office?

We continually provide our employees with comprehensive information on what COVID-19 is, its symptoms, best practice to prevent contamination or infection, along with daily government guidance in relation to travel/activities, isolation and reporting concerns to medical authorities. 

Some of the measures we have implemented at Head Office are shown below:



  • Checking Public Health England guidance daily and updating our procedures in line with official advice
  • Establishing emergency handling procedures and having daily crisis management meetings specific to COVID-19
  • We are continuing to refine Infection Control and Pandemic Business Continuity Plans and planning ways to respond to the evolving threat
  • We have established pragmatic and flexible adaptations to policies and resources covering sickness, business travel and flexible working for employees
  • Head office is closed to non-critical business visitors and meetings until further notice
  • All employees who are able to work from home care doing so to minimise in-person contact


  • Following all government and group guidance and recommendations on travel, self-isolation and quarantine; we have suspended all international business travel
  • Implementing 'screening' and approval process for necessary visitors and contractors
  • Implementing reporting and clinically supported risk assessment and case logging processes to support employees who are symptomatic as well as workplace isolation procedures

Infection control

  • Implementing procedures in respect of employee Coronavirus screening, self-isolation and quarantine measures
  • Reviewing Infection Control Plans and enhancing workplace/environmental cleaning 
  • Reinforcing guidance from Public Health England (PHE) on personal hygiene; use PHE posters to promote hygiene and sanitisation that will help contain the spread of the virus
  • Providing sanitisation dispensing stations across the business and making hand washing and sanitisation mandatory
  • Supporting employee screening assessments and screening with a clinical team