Binding Corporate Rules

To consistently regulate the way in which personal information is handled or processed among the group companies of the business segments Fresenius Kabi (Fresenius Kabi AG and its affiliated companies) and Fresenius Corporate, we adopted Binding Corporate Rules (BCR). These BCR are approved by the European data protection authorities. 

BCR are internal rules for data processing within multinational organizations and, together with the associated security policies and procedures, aim to create a globally uniform and adequate level of data protection for the participating companies.

Commitment to a common standard for the processing of personal data and to an effective approach to data protection, compliance reinforces our commitment to protect your privacy at the global and local level.

In case you are interested in our Binding Corporate Rules, please have a look at the document or the summary below:

Summary of the Binding Corporate Rules

Below summary does not replace the Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) document. The BCR document will in all cases be the only document that is legally applicable.