Autotransfusion Disposables

Single-use kits and components are available for use with our autotransfusion device.  These include:


Standard autotransfusion set

The set may be used to process shed blood ranging from small losses in paediatric surgery to heavy bleeding in trauma or transplantation


Autotransfusion reservoir

Fresenius Kabi offers 3 litre autotransfusion reservoirs with 40 or 120 micron filters respectively. They are used to collect, de-foam, filter and store blood prior to processing. 


Dual-lumen suction line

Suction line to aspirate and anti-coagulate blood from the surgical field into an autotransfusion reservoir connected to a vacuum source.


Plasma sequestration set

This disposable set processes haemodiluted blood withdrawn from a patient in a bag system to Packed Red Cells, Platelet Rich Plasma and Plasma.