Infusion Technology

Fresenius Kabi offers a range of infusion device systems and accessories to suit all clinical applications across the modern hospital. The systems are composed of stand-alone pumps (syringe & volumetric) which can be connected via common hardware to work in unison and minimise clutter around the patient.  The pumps are also able to be used in mobile and ambulatory settings within and outside the hospital.  Among the many features that our pumps offer are:


The OCS System

The occlusivity check system (OCS) is an auto-test on each start-up that checks the correct working order of the pump in association with the silicone segment of the administration set to prevent free-flow. The validity of this combination is tested whenever a new set is installed by performing the OCS test.


Medication Error Reduction Software

This software allows the clinician to select and work with drugs that have been compiled into a library by the hospital according to specific protocols and limits.


Common User Interface 

By using similar keys and symbols across each of our infusion systems, the clinician is presented with a familiar user interface for each type of device they are using.


Intelligent pressure management

Special sensors in the pump measure the pressure on two points of the silicone segment. Both upstream and downstream occlusions occurring in the line are detected enabling safe pressure management via several different clinical modes including the Dynamic Pressure System.