Safety Initiatives

Fresenius Kabi Canada is committed to the safety of all patients and the healthcare providers who care for them.

Product Integrity

Health professionals nationwide recognize Fresenius Kabi Canada products for their safety features:

  • Exceptional peer-reviewed labelling
  • TALLman lettering, compliant with ISMP guidelines
  • Bar coding at the unit-of-use level
  • Alpha-numeric expiry dating
  • Latex free identification
  • Preservative free identification

Safe handling of Cytotoxic Drugs

Oncoshield™ packaging offers the following features:

  • Cytotoxic warnings on top of aluminum ferrule visible through transparent flip off cap
  • Shrink wrapped vial providing enhanced protection from cytotoxic residue on vial and helping to contain product spill in case of breakage
  • Plastic stand providing enhanced vial breakage protection
  • Clear glass for easy inspection of vials
  • Dual strength bar for convenient size/strength identification

CTSD Compatibility

Our oncolytic products have been tested and are compatible with the most commonly used Closed Transfer System Devices (CTSD) on the market including Carmel Pharma’s Phaseal (Closed System Device) and ICU Medical Chemoclave Genie (Closed System Device).

Closed Transfer System Device Compatibility

Bleomycin for Injection

Cladribine Injection

MitoXANTRONE Injection