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Our New Facility

Fresenius Kabi now operates three Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP) approved Drug Preparation Premises in the Greater Toronto Area, providing a wide range of ready-to-use IV medications to the Canadian market. In October 2018, we launched our newest state-of-the-art compounding plant in Mississauga, Ontario, designed to meet and surpass new provincial and federal regulations in sterile compounding. A result of years of planning and refinement, our newest manufacturing plant brings advanced technology and innovative processes to the Canadian compounding sector.

The new plant will allow us to continue working with our hospital partners, offering them a safe and efficient solution to provide their patients with sterile, high-quality medications. This site is designed to produce a high volume of the most commonly compounded IV drugs in a manufacturing type environment, allowing hospital staff to focus their time and efforts on patient care.

The new plant features advanced technology and innovations including:

  • Capacity to compound millions of units annually, making it one of the largest compounding sites in the country
  • Increase in automation and aseptic techniques to help ensure sterility is maintained throughout the compounding process and minimize potential for error. Advancements include semi-automated bag filling and modern, compounding software
  • Robust HVAC system and environmental monitoring processes
  • Introduction of pharmaceutical manufacturing decontamination equipment for production materials, resulting in a significantly more effective and efficient decontamination process compared to the traditional multi-step (manual) process used mainly today.
  • Rigorous gowning process, akin to industrial pharmaceutical manufacturing requirements
  • Compliant with GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing standards where applicable
  • Leveraging vertical integration, utilizing Fresenius Kabi products wherever possible, allows better control of the supply chain and reliable supply of products.

Innovation in Compounding Video

Click the video above to learn more about our state-of-the-art compounding facility.

The Compounding Process

The Compounding Process