Product Features

freeflex®+ Luer Lock Injection Port

  • Connection compatible with standard luer-lock syringes for needle-free injections
  • Designed for safe handling and to prevent damage of the bag during drug reconstitution
Freeflex+ Luer Lock

Container Features*

  • 100% PVC, DEHP and latex-free bag
  • Self sealing septum in the infusion port to help prevent free flow upon disconnection
  • Protective sterile overwrap whereby sterility is maintained until bag is opened
  • Rigid infusion and injection ports
  • All bag sizes can be used in pressure cuffs (300mmHg) for up to 3 days
  • Tamper evident ports with a sterile surface beneath; disinfection not necessary

*Comparative clinical significance and clinical significance are unknown.

Environmental Features

  • freeflex®+ has been designed to minimize its impact on the environment with the use of polyolefins to ensure bag can be recycled which reduces waste
  • Bag collapses to assume small volume when empty
  • If incinerated, bags combust completely into carbon dioxide and water
  • Bag is free from PVC and latex, no phthalates were used as plasticizers

Safety Features

  • Tamper Resistant Protective Cap
  • Tamper Evident Break-off Caps
Tamper Red Caps Tamper Blue Cap

Bag Sizes


50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml & 1000 ml

Product Information

▸ Dextrose Package Insert
▸ Sodium Chloride Package Insert

freeflex®+ Sodium Chloride 0.9% Injection

Size (mL) Units / Case Product Code
50 60 B248604
100 50 B248613
250 30 K968511
500 20 K968521
Accessory Units/Case Product Code
Tamper Resistant Protective Cap 50 8501741


freeflex®+ Dextrose 5% Injection

Size (mL) Units / Case Product Code
100 50 B248634
250 30 K976511
500 20 K976521
Accessory Units/Case Product Code
Tamper Resistant Protective Cap 50 8501741

freeflex® and freeflex®+ containers are PVC-Free, DEHP-Free and Latex-Free.
freeflex®+ containers accept standard luer lock syringes and do not require a needle for additions.