Data Management Solutions

Data Management Solutions

Fresenius Kabi’s data management offerings provide flexible solutions that are designed to drive operational improvements through data driven insights and essential integration with your computer systems.

Featured Products 

DXT Relay

DXT Relay is designed to increase the number of products collected per procedure and lower costs. 

DXT Analytics provides insights into centre operations through powerful dashboards and actionable reports designed to drive operational improvements. Staff leaders are empowered and are able to review centre level analysis along with phlebotomist and device performance. 

A bi-directional interface is included in DXT's Integration option that can be used to provide remote procedure setup of procedure donor parameters for Fresenius Kabi devices. Upon completion of the procedure on the Fresenius Kabl device, all of the information recorded during the collection is sent back to DXT for storage and can be forwarded to an external computer system if desired. 

DXT software will help facilitate network communication between Fresenius Kabi apheresis devices and external computer systems. DXT can be deployed with apheresis instruments as a stand-alone application or as middleware that enables communication with your existing donor information systems.

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Compo Trace is an RFID-enabled system used to help manage blood component inventory by providing the blood centre and hospital transfusion services with real-time visibility to inventory levels. 

CompoTrace's data-driven insights potential value:

  • Right-size inventory and reduce inventory out dates
  • Optimize scheduled and stat deliveries
  • Reduction of product handling
  • Improve Operational Efficiencies
  • Closely align product demand with recruitment and manufacturing

The system is designed to augment existing hospital transfusion services information systems and to work in conjunction with the barcode identification and labeling processes currently in place. 

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Compo Trace is a trademark of Fresemus Kabi AG.

Refer to the instructions for use for a list of warnings and precautions associated with the device.