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Fresenius Kabi is dedicated to working with cell therapy labs of all sizes and stages to create cell processing systems to address the industry’s biggest research and manufacturing challenges, from process development to full commercialization.

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Lovo Cell Processing System

Lovo Cell Processing System

Lovo is the only automated cell processing system that can wash, concentrate, and volume-reduce white blood cells through spinning membrane filtration technology. With fast, precise, and flexible protocols that support your selection prep, thaw wash, or harvest wash processes, you’ll increase your lab’s overall operational efficiency and processing consistency without compromising product quality.

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The LOVO Cell Processing system is for laboratory use only. Unless the user has obtained advance clearance or approval from the appropriate regulatory agency, cells processed on this system are not intended for diagnostic purposes, direct transfusion, or for use in the production of therapeutic products or vaccines for clinical use. For applications requiring regulatory clearance or approval, users may request the required LOVO technical documentation from Fresenius Kabi to support their submissions. 

Refer to the instructions for use for a list of warnings and precautions associated with the device.