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Fresenius Kabi offers a comprehensive line of component lab processing equipment designed to optimize efficiency and accuracy in blood centres’ component lab operations.

Featured Products

CompoMat GS Automated Blood Component Separator

CompoMat G5 Automated Blood Component Separator

CompoMat G5 & CompoMaster Net Software are designed to efficiently and reproducibly automate the separation of whole blood units in blood bag systems into blood components. CompoMat G5 improves processing speed while maximizing plasma yields by combining multiple manual steps and automating them. With the flexibility of customized separation programs, the system can easily adapt to your centre’s individual processing needs.

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CompoDock Sterile Tube Connection Syst em

CompoDock Sterile Tube Connection System

The CompoDock two-phase, patented, high frequency technology seals medical PVC tubing and then connects the desired tubing to each other while maintaining system sterility. A permanent heating element reduces copper wafer-related odor and exhaust, while maintaining a closed system and the blood product's original expiration date. With our optional data management system, DockMaster NET, you can document and collect cGMP-relevant data of the tube docking process from multiple devices.

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CompoDock and CompoMat are trademarks of Fresenius Kabi AG.

Refer to the instructions for use for a list of warnings and precautions associated with the device.