Apheresis Collection Systems

Apheresis Collection Systems

Fresenius Kabi provides blood centres with a full suite of apheresis technologies that help specialists efficiently collect their community’s most needed components, so patients can receive the blood components they need.

Featured Products

Alyx Component Collection System

Alyx Component Collection System: Expand the Possibilities

Wherever your donors are — in your centre or out at a blood drive — and whatever their blood type might be, you never want to miss out on the opportunity to collect the RBC and plasma products you need most. Truly mobile and versatile, the Fresenius Kabi Alyx gives you more ways to meet your targets.

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Amicus Separator

Amicus Separator: More Matters

One more dose collected may mean one more patient treated, one more person saved, or one more life renewed. That’s why more matters. And it’s why the Fresenius Kabi Amicus Separator is designed to help you increase your inventory of platelets, plasma, and red cells. Enhance the efficiency of your apheresis procedure, and expand the impact of your donors.

Refer to the instructions for use for a list of warnings and precautions associated with the device.