Supporting our Canadian Customers and Continuity of Care

March 30, 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

Like all members of the healthcare community, Fresenius Kabi is closely monitoring the threat of COVID-19. We remain committed to support you and we’re taking action to ensure the continuity of our operations and the safety of our teams. In accordance with directives from federal and local authorities concerning social distancing, we have asked our employees to cease in-person meetings wherever possible and to provide customer support via video, teleconference and email. Our goal remains to support your requirements and the needs of patients.

Our focus is business continuity and we’re taking steps globally and locally to help mitigate any potential disruption to our customers. Fresenius Kabi has supply continuity plans in place and we are reviewing all aspects of these plans considering the current situation. Our products sold in Canada are made primarily in the U.S. A limited number of finished products for the Canadian market are made in Europe and no finished pharmaceuticals for the Canadian market are made in China. Fresenius Kabi sources its API for the Canadian market from the U.S., China, Latin America and Europe. While we see no immediate threat to supply, we are continuously monitoring the situation with suppliers across our entire supply chain. As a leader in injectable medications, Fresenius Kabi is taking the following measures to help ensure the products that are critical to operating your facilities are available when you need them:

  • We are closely monitoring changes to purchasing patterns daily, as well as working with our healthcare partners and customers to understand rapidly developing treatment protocols for COVID-19.
  • We have placed a number of products on allocation and have requested our wholesaler and distributor partners help manage inventory from their end as well. This is to prevent stockpiling and help ensure that product is available to as many customers as possible during periods of critical need.
  • Any Fresenius Kabi products identified as possibly being utilized to treat a COVID-19 patient are being prioritized by all key Fresenius Kabi personnel, including commercial and manufacturing executive leadership.
  • Where possible, we maintain emergency stock to assist customers with patient-specific medical emergencies.

Our manufacturing and distribution centres remain fully operational at this time. If there are any fundamental changes to how we operate and serve customers due to COVID-19, we will advise you as quickly as possible. Your Fresenius Kabi representative will reach out to you to check in and ensure you have what you need to take care of your staff and patients. For product availability updates, please visit our web site at, or contact our Customer Service team at or 1-877-821-7724. We will do everything we can to continue to support you during this challenging time.


Matthew Rotenberg
Chief Executive Officer
Fresenius Kabi Canada