Freka® Trelumina

Freka® Trelumina

​Triple-lumen jejunal feeding and gastric decompression tube

Product Information

Freka® Trelumina: for intestinal feeding and gastric decompression

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  • Jejunal feeding lumen: FR 9 with positive luer connector
  • Gastric decompression lumen: FR 16 with funnel connector
  • Gastric ventilation lumen with funnel connector
  • Biocompatible, radio-opaque polyurethane tube
  • Marking intervals: 10 cm
  • Integrated spiral mandrin with Luer connector for injecting radio-opaque fluid or lubricant
  • 2 MCT oil ampoules for direct injection into the mandarin connector
  • Adapter for Luer syringes
  • Also available with ENLock