Agilia SP TIVA TCI is a syringe pump dedicated to anaesthesia. ​The Agilia SP TIVA TCI provides pharmacokinetic TCI models covering the widest range of patient population, including children.



Flow rate range

  • 0,1 - 1200 ml/h, depending on the syringe capacity (0,1 ml/h increment).
  • 0,01 minimum increments instead of 0,1 ml/h is activated when the max patient weight is set to 20 kg in the drug library.
  • Flow rate can be limited according to the medicine name (soft and hard limits) with Agilia Vigilant Drug’Lib, IV Medication Safety System.

Flow rate accuracy

  • ±1 % on mechanism : ±2 % on syringes.

Syringes capacities

  • 5, 10, 20, 30/35, 50/60 cc.

Type of syringe

  • Up to 100 types.

Infusion Modes

  • ml/h mode.
  • Dose rate modes: ng/h, ng/kg/min, ng/kg/h, μg/min, μg/h, μg/kg/min, μg/kg/h, mg/min, mg/h, mg/24h, mg/kg/min, mg/kg/h, mg/kg/24h, mg/m2/h, mg/m2/24h, g/h, g/kg/min, g/kg/h, g/kg/24h, mmol/h, mmol/kg/h, mmol/kg/24h, mU/min, mU/kg/min, mU/kg/h, U/min, U/h, U/kg/min, U/kg/h, kcal/h, kcal/24h, kcal/kg/h, mEq/min, mEq/h, mEq/kg/min, mEq/kg/h, ml/kg/h, ml/kg/24h, ml/kg/min.
  • TCI infusion mode: Effect or Plasma mode.
  • Dilution setting: -- units / ml or -- units / -- ml.
  • With or without loading dose.
  • Volume or dose / time: 0,1 - 99,9 ml; 00 h 01 - 96 h 00.
  • Volume limit: 0,1 - 999 ml.

TCI Mode

Pharmacokinetic Models

  • Marsh & Schnider for Propofol administration.
  • Kataria & Paedfusor for Propofol administration.
  • Minto, Gepts & Scott for Remifentanil, Sufentanil and Alfentanil.
  • Administration in adults Targets: TCI Effect or Plasma control Modes.

Volume/Dose infused

  • Volume: 0,1 - 999,9 ml/ Dose: 0,1 - 999,999 units.


  • 3 modes: mandatory, not mandatory, or advised / Rate: 1200 ml/h.


  • Direct bolus: Rate: 50 - 1200 ml/h (50 ml/h increment)
  • Programmed bolus (dose or volume / time): 0,1 - 99,9 ml ; 0,1 - 9999 units / 1 min - 24 h.

Loading dose

Dose or volume / time: 0,1 - 99,9 units / 00 min 01 - 59 min 59 rate auto calculation.

End infusion (V/T & VL)

  • KVO: adjustable from 0,1 to 5 ml/h, continuous infusion or stop.

Fast start

  • Not mandatory. Prime set by default resulting in fast start if user does not prime with bolus button ensuring programmed flow rate to be reached faster.


  • Programmation from 1 minute to 24 hours, increments from minute to minute.

Data log event

  • 1500 data log events in real time.

Graphical history

  • Volume / dose infused, pressure, flow rate.

Night mode

  • The night mode decreases the brightness of the screen and the green lights. The key beep can eventually be turned off. The night mode can be programmed manually or automatically in a variable time range.


Basic profile

  •  Infusion without any display of the medicine names.
  • 19 Custom profiles configurable with Agilia Vigilant Drug’Lib:
  • Drug library to be created with Agilia Vigilant Drug’Lib.
  • Configuration only: Custom pump configuration without medicine name.

Pressure management

Pressure modes

  • 2 modes available: variable or 3 pre-set levels - Range from 50 to 900 mmHg.
  • (25 mmHg increment from 50 to 250 mmHg / 50 mmHg increment from 250 to 900 mmHg). Can be enables / disabled and adjusted.


  • The Dynamic Pressure System - DPS - warns of pressure variations.
  • A risk of obstruction or a possible leak in the infusion line can thus be anticipated.

Pressure monitoring

  • Graphic representation of the pressure in the infusion line and of the pressure limit thanks to the pictogram.

Anti-bolus system

  • Reduces significantly bolus after occlusion release. ≤0,35 ml max for a 50 ml syringe.

Alarms / Pre-alarms / Security

Pump status

  • GREEN for infusion in progress, ORANGE for Low and Medium priority, RED for High priority - Visibility at 4 meters minimum. All alarms are expressed by means of light indicators, written words, pictograms and sound beeps.

Syringes installation control

  • Syringe barrel clasp check, plunger head detection, anti-siphon system check, flange detection.

Infusion control

  • Occlusion pressure pre-alarm, occlusion pressure alarm, end of infusion pre-alarm, end of infusion alarm, volume limit pre-alarm, volume limit alarm, hard and soft flow rate limits, start infusion at pause end.

Device control

  • Disengaged driving mechanism alarm, low battery pre-alarm, discharged battery alarm, battery capacity display in hours and minutes, unconfirmed programming, technical malfunction alarm (auto-test, rotation), drive system advance check, watchdog check, communication connection failure, plunger-head disengagement, auto-lock/lock code (on keypad).


  • Preventive maintenance warning.



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