Fresenius Kabi's Commitment to Patient Safety

14 September 2021

Safety always comes first

Everything we do begins with patient safety and therapeutic efficacy in mind.
Fresenius Kabi South Africa is mainly involved in the hospital sector providing healthcare practitioners with medicines, IV fluids, nutritional solutions and administration devices to meet the needs of both acutely and chronically ill patients.
Our clinical nutrition range, both parenteral and enteral nutrition has patient safety and benefit at the core.
All of our parenteral nutrition formulations are compounded using barrier isolator technology as they have strict quality control measures applied, which allows us to keep the product sterile and suitable for intravenous administration for all patients from premature infants to critically ill adults.
Our enteral nutrition range has primarily ready to use products for in hospital use which allows for the supply of tube feeds through a closed system and Oral Nutritional Supplements with no additional mixing required. These measure helps to reduce risk of contamination of the feeds and therefore contribute to patient safety. The enteral nutrition feeding pumps and administration sets comply to the international standard ENFIT, which provides a secure system, reducing missed connections with IV lines and reducing risk of infection, providing safe administration of enteral feeds to the neonate, paediatric and adult patients.
All materials used for the packaging of our clinical nutrition products are di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) free and this is a significant example of how Fresenius Kabi contributes to patient safety.
Our comprehensive range of electrolyte and carbohydrate solutions are used for rehydration, maintenance, resuscitation, drug reconstitution and as a carrier for treatment delivery. These infusion solutions are packaged in state-of-the-art containers. The Freeflex® infusion bag and KabiPac® infusion bottle, combine convenience and patient safety in non-PVC/DEHP materials. Patient exposure to DEHP is reduced as more PVC/DEHP free alternatives are used during treatment.
The wide range of IV Medicine’s labelling is developed with patient safety in mind. Every attempt is made to make labels distinguishable from other products or strengths in the range.
With the narcotic medicine each product has a unique set of identifying rings around the neck of the ampoules. This range is also labelled using a unique tamper-evident technology which makes it clearly visible if someone attempted to tamper with the product.

Focused on therapy success

For us, successful therapy consists of two key criteria – an active ingredient of the best quality and its application in the most efficient and effective way, in safe conditions. Both elements are fundamental strengths of Fresenius Kabi, reflected in the portfolio of products and services that we develop for successful patient anaesthesia management in surgical care.
Using the latest proven technological advances in surgical care, we provide the safe, easily interconnectable devices and precise monitoring that healthcare professionals need to provide the best possible therapy and patient care.
The intuitive Agilia Infusion range is designed with the patient and end-user in mind, the Agilia Infusion range allows for easy and safe infusions.
Our commitment goes beyond our products themselves. We are committed to the environment through reduced plastic usage with efficient containers and removal of single use plastics for example the straws. We are also continuously involved with education of the prescribers and end users on how to use each product to the maximum benefit of the patient.