Kabimune Plus

Kabimmune Plus


Kabimmune Plus provides oral powder supplement, providing a unique combination of glutamine,antioxidant vitamins and trace elements.
Kabimmune Plus is high in Glutamine to cover increased needs and to maintain gut functions & helpsto improve immune function.
Kabimmune Plus has antioxidants vitamins and trace elements to alleviate oxidative stressand to help prevent tissue damage.

Product Information

Nutritional Profile of Kabimmune Pus :

Each 15 gm sachet contains :


L- Glutamine = 10gm,


Beta carotene = 1.6 mg,


Vitamin E = 10 mg,


Vitamin C = 60 mg,


Zinc = 3.3 mg,


Selenium = 50 mg.


Packaging :


Kabimmune Pus is available as 15 gm single dose powder sachet

Storage :


Store dry at room temperature. Once prepared refrigerate and use within 24 hrs. Consume immediately after reconstitution.

Direction for use :


Usage / Administration: Sip feeding & Tube feeding


Take 150 ml of water in glass &add content of Kabimmune Pus sachet. Stir well until the powder dissolves

Dose :

As recommended by Doctor and patient's need 1-3 sachets per day can be given.


For basal Requirement = 1sachet / day.


For moderate stress condition = 2 sachet / day.


For severe stress condition = 3 sachet / day




Kabimmune Plus is preferred due to following characteristics :

  • Helps to improves & maintains gut function
  • Helps for better wound healing
  • helps to counteract oxidative stress & maintain gut function & integrity
  • Helps to reduce the frequency of diarrhea.

Suggested Use

Indication:  GI surgical patient,  critically ill patients, pre & post-operative surgery, immuno-compromised & burn patients

Contraindication: Kabimmune Plus is not suitable where enteral nutrition is not permitted. Not suitable for Patients with severe liver or kidney insufficiency and patients with inborn errors of metabolism of nutrients contained in Kabimmune Plus