Development Center Colloids

Our highly efficient, environmentally friendly processes are the work of our excellent process development department. Besides continuous improvement of existing processes, the team works on the development of new products, from pilot scale to full scale.

The department is regarded as the carbohydrate competence center within the Fresenius Kabi group. An area of special technological competence is the use of membrane separation technology. We have successfully patented several aspects of our processes and have ongoing research partnerships with universities.


HESylation® Derivative

Innovative formulation and drug delivery play a crucial part in optimizing drug characteristics, such as pharmacodynamics, side effect profiles or water solubility. However, there is an increasing medical need to improve drug characteristics further – for existing therapeutics as well as for new pharmaceuticals.

Fresenius Kabi has developed a new drug delivery technology with superior properties: the HESylation® technology. HESylation® utilizes hydroxyethyl starch (HES) derivatives linked to drug substances in order to modify the drug characteristics. This modification enables the prolongation of the circulation half-life by increasing the stability of the molecule, as well as by reducing renal clearance, resulting in an increased biological activity.

The idea of HESylation® emerged from the experience and expertise of Fresenius Kabi as the world’s largest producer of HES. At present, the most important application for HESylation® is in the area of biopharmaceuticals, i.e. to address protein drug delivery issues.

Our Linz site incorporates a pilot plant for the production of the intermediate HES derivative product.