Conox is a non-invasive depth of anaesthesia monitor designed to help the anaesthesiologist assess patient brain activity and to rapidly detect how certain medicines are affecting the patient


  • qCON index provides a rapid indication of the depth of anaesthesia of the patient
  • qCON index range 0-99
  • qNOX index is based on low and high frequency EEG in order to detect any changes related to surgical stimuli
  • qNOX range 0-99
  • Burst Suppression Rate (BSR) range 0-99
  • Electromyography index (EMG) range 0-99
  • Signal Quality Index (SQI) 0-99
  • Lead off detection: Continuous
  • Sensors Impedance Check: Yes
  • Display update rate: 1s
  • Alarms for qCON index: Visual and auditive
  • Total index update time: 10s
  • Indices trends: 5, 30 and 60 min windows available
  • Technical Specifications: EEG acquisition
  • EEG sensitivity: 44.6 nV
  • Noise:< 1 μVp-p (BW 70 Hz)
  • CMRR:> 100 dB
  • Input Impedance:> 1Mohm (@10 Hz)
  • Sampling Frequency: 1024 samples/second, 24 bits/sample
  • Input signal range: ±374 mV


Highly conductive sensor pads allow the Conox proprietary sensor to achieve accurate EEG readings for both qCON and qNOX index calculations.

Recorded using the Conox proprietary sensor