Do You Know The Fresenius Kabi Brand?

1 March 2018

The Corporate Brand

Fresenius Kabi presents itself and its products to people, cultures and markets around the world with its very own distinctive brand reflected in our company logo, company claim and company values:



Fresenius Kabi brings people together from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds working together as a team. With our commitment to improve patients’ quality of life, we take care of our customers’ specific needs throughout the world.

This is all represented by a symbol of three human beings standing one behind the other (head and shoulders), visualising the team spirit and the vision of Fresenius Kabi.


Our products ensure an efficient clinical outcome, reducing suffering and enhance a patient’s quality of life.

Our claim stands for our philosophy: caring for life goes far beyond manufacturing excellent health care products. It is about passion and commitment, about understanding the medical needs of patients in critical situations and about best supporting the health care staff that care for those patients.


Our values are the DNA of our corporate culture – the core of who Fresenius Kabi is. Over the last years, Fresenius Kabi has grown substantially and, through our acquisitions, we have merged different corporate cultures and values. Our values are a natural evolution, mirroring both the present and the future.

Customer Focus - We put customers first

In all aspects of our operations, from product development and production to delivery and customer support, we at Fresenius Kabi are focused on our customers’ needs and expectations. Our success is dependent on helping our customers fulfill their mission: the best therapy and care of patients

Quality - We demand excellence

We are committed to quality in everything we do.  All our business practices and processes are designed to achieve excellence in quality along the entire value chain – from research and development through production to sales and marketing

Integrity - We are trustworthy

We deliver on our commitments and act with high standards of ethics and compliance. We are committed to dealing fairly and honestly with employees, business partners, government authorities and the general public. Success in our business ventures depends upon maintaining the trust of these essential stakeholders

Collaboration - We work well together

We treat one another as respected partners. Our success is based on a common understanding of our goals as well as the skills and commitment necessary to achieve them together

Creativity - We deliver solutions

We find better ways to work and better solutions to customer challenges. We apply our unique expertise in medicines and technologies to create products and services that advance the therapy and care of critically and chronically ill patients worldwide

Passion & Commitment - We care

We are dedicated to help improving patient outcomes and to creating value for our stakeholders. We set clear goals and work with passion to achieve them