KABI® Glutamine

KABI® Glutamine


  • High in glutamine (30 g/RDD*)
  • Fat-free
  • Low in fibre
  • Powder supplement
  • Suitable only for supplementary nutrition
  • Flavour:
    • Neutral

* RDD = Recommended daily dosage

The signs/names marked with ® are registered trademarks of the Fresenius Group in selected countries.


  • Chemo- or radiation therapy induced mucositis
  • Trauma, burns or surgery
  • Inflammatory bowel disease


30 x 20 g Sachets


Recommended daily dosage
For supplementary nutrition 2-3 Sachets
The product is not suitable as a sole source of nutrition.


Product Characteristics

Energy density 370 kcal/100 g
Key nutrients
Glutamine 50 g/100 g