Freka® Trelumina

Freka® Trelumina

Freka® Range of Transnasal Feeding Tube

Freka® Trelumina, ENFit a Transnasal, multiple lumen Feeding Tube with teflon coated spiral mandrin and safe enteral connector ENFit, according to the new international safety standard ISO 80369-3


One tube – multiple functions

Early jejunal nutrition


Ventilation Valve
Avoids sucking in the gastric mucosa, no tube collapse, no microlesions


Gastric Decompression
Effective drainage of gastric content through large gastric openings

Product Information

Transnasal tubes are indicated in patients with less than 4 weeks of enteral nutrition. Fresenius Kabi offers a versatile range of transnasal tubes with corresponding accessories.

  • Freka® Trelumina: for intestinal feeding and gastric decompression

The signs/names marked with ® are registered trademarks of the Fresenius Group in selected countries.


  • Jejunal feeding lumen: FR9 with positive luer connector
  • Gastric decompression lumen: FR16 with funnel connector
  • Gastric ventilation lumen with funnel connector
  • Biocompatible, radio-opaque polyurethane tube
  • Marking intervals: 1cm
  • Integrated spiral mandrin with Luer connector for injecting radio-opaque fluid or lubricant
  • Adapter for Luer syringes