Aminowel 5% 250 ml


  • Pack size : 250 ml
  • Dosage : 1-2 g amino acids/kg BW/day
  • Drip rate : 35 – 50 drops/min
  • Osmolarity : 450 msOml/l

Product Information

Product: Compound Amino Acid Injection 5%

Composition: 1000ml contains:

L−Alanine Ph. Eur. (7.2g)

 L−Arginine Ph. Eur. (4.9g),

L−Aspartic acid Ph. Eur. (1.5g),

L−Cystine Ph. Eur. (0.2g),

L−Glutamic acid Ph. Eur. (2.5g),

Glycine Ph. Eur./IP (3.5g),

L−Histidine Ph. Eur. (3.0g),

L−Isoleucine Ph. Eur. (2.5g)

 L−Leucine Ph. Eur. (3.4g),

L−Lysine acetate Ph. Eur. (5.5g),

L−Methionine Ph. Eur. (2.5g)

 L−Phenylalanine Ph. Eur. (3.5g),

L−Proline Ph. Eur. (2.9g),

L−Serine Ph. Eur. (1.9g),

L−Threonine Ph. Eur. (2.5g)

 L−Tryptophan Ph.Eur. (0.85g),

L−Tyrosine Ph. Eur. (0.2g),

 L−Valine Ph. Eur. (3.2g),

Sodium metabisulfite USP/IP (0.3g),

Acetic acid glacial Ph. Eur./IP (Approx. 1.3 ml),

 Water for injections Ph. Eur./IP (To 1000 ml).

Corresponding to: Amino acids (50g), Nitrogen (7.9g),

Total energy MJ(kcal) [0.88(210)], pH approx. (5.6), Osmolality (mosm/kg-H2O)approx. (450), 

Appearance: Clear, colourless or slight yellow solution Indications: To supply amino acids to patients, when oral or enteral nutrition is impossible or insufficient.

Adverse effects: Nausea, flushing and sweating (rarely); thrombophlebitis; hyperammonemia and increased plasma urea nitrogen (in patients with liver or kidney insufficiency or rapid infusion rate); allergic reaction (sometimes, because of sodium metabisulfite content).

 Contraindications: Uncontrolled liver or renal insufficiency, known hypersensitivity to any of the components.

 Precautions: Patients with liver or kidney insufficiency. Any remaining solution must be discarded after use. Storage: Store at 5-25°C in an air-tight container, protected from light.

Shelf life: 2 years Pack size: 12x250ml.


  • High Biological Value of 100. The Biological Value (BV) of a Protein is a value that measures how well the body can absorb and utilize a protein. The higher the Biological Value of the protein you use, the more nitrogen your body can absorb, use, and retain by patient.
  • A well balanced solution of 18 Essential & Non-essential Amino Acid including Tyrosine and Cystine can satisfy the requirement of body protein synthesis and improve Nitrogen Balance in patient.
  • Sorbitol containing Amino Acid solutions can cause Hepatic & Renal Failure, can metabolise to Fructose which can further leads to Fructose Intolerance. Sorbitol can induce Hypoglycaemia. As well as Xylitol containing Amino Acid solutions can cause Renal Failure & Central Coma, can cause Cerebral Damage leads to death and can cause Toxic Side Effects.
  • Aminowel has osmolality of 450 mosm/ltr, which ensures safe, risk free Truly Peripheral administration.


  • Intra Uterine Growth Restriction
    • For optimal Fetus growth
  • Oligohydramnious
  • To increase Immunity
  • To improve Infectious conditions like
    • Bacterial & Viral Fever
    • Dengue
    • Chikangunya
  • To improve wound healing
  • Better scar formation
  • Burns


  • High Biological Value of 100
  • Contains 8 essential + 10 Non-essential amino acids
  • Free from harmful sugar Xylitol and Sorbitol
  • 450 msOml/l Truly Peripheral
  • Available in 5% 250 ml