Freka® Pexact

Freka® Pexact

​Ballon tube for percutanous enteral feeding using direct puncture method with gastropexy.

ENFit version to be launched.

Product Information

Percutaneous tubes are indicated in patients with long-term enteral nutrition. Fresenius Kabi offers a versatile range of percutaneous tubes and corresponding accessories depending on the patients need:

  • Freka® PEG gastric: for long-term gastric feeding
  • Freka® PEG gastric/intestinal: for long-term intestinal feeding with or without gastric decompression
  • Freka® Button: as replacement for PEG (e.g. for cosmetic reasons)
  • Freka® FCJ: for surgical placement

The signs/names marked with ® are registered trademarks of the Fresenius Group in selected countries.


  • Ballon tube made of Silicone rubber, latex-free
  • Safe fixation of stomach to abdominal wall
  • Innovative suturing method with a special gastropexy-device
  • Extra corporal suture technique
  • Builds short, straight stoma tracts
  • No oesophagal passage of the tube necessary
  • Controlled safe and smooth puncture
  • Also available with ENLock