Biopharma by Fresenius Kabi

An end-to-end offering in autoimmune diseases and oncology

Our experience spans over a decade in developing and commercializing biopharmaceuticals. Our activities in the field of biopharma encompass the entire value chain, starting with our research and development expertise to optimized production and supply capacities to our commercial knowhow. With the majority stake in mAbxience, we have diversified our biosimilars pipeline, expanded our manufacturing capabilities and extended our B2B contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) business offering. 

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Our expanding and highly attractive product pipeline of biosimilars and innovative biopharmaceuticals includes a range of commercialized medicines and molecules in various development stages. With a growing portfolio targeting areas of immunology, oncology, hematology and osteoporosis, we aim to provide access to biologics for more patients and healthcare providers around the world. Our high-quality and safe therapies provide solutions for patients and healthcare professionals and contribute significantly to the care and quality of life of patients. Our offering is complemented by our tailored solutions and comprehensive patient support program KabiCare® which provides support to patients and their healthcare professionals. 

With a proven track record in delivering high value biologic projects, our partners can benefit from our specialized services for the development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals and complex proteins offered by our CDMO business. 

"We are committed to providing accesses to alternative medicines to improve the quality of patients’ lives while alleviating the burden on healthcare systems globally.” 

Dr. Michael Schönhofen, President Fresenius Kabi Biopharma

Access to affordable, high-quality health care for patients with chronic diseases is a central part of Fresenius Kabi's corporate mission, demonstrated by our long-term commitment to biosimilars. By bringing together our biopharmaceutical know-how and global reach with Fresenius Kabi’s long-standing heritage, we place our life-changing medicines in the hands of people who need them. 

We continuously expand our product pipeline, launch our biosimilars in more markets around the globe while driving forward the end-to-end integration to optimize our manufacturing, supply, and commercial capabilities together with our partners. By doing so, we become a trusted biopharmaceuticals partner around the globe.  

About Biosimilars

A biosimilar is a biological drug that is similar to an approved biological drug and has no clinically significant differences in efficacy and safety. Biological drugs are complex compounds grown in or derived from living cell lines. Our expanding biosimilars portfolio focuses on inflammatory and immune diseases and oncology. 

Within these therapeutic areas, we have several candidates at various stages of development, reinforcing our commitment to continuous innovation in biological therapies. We are committed to providing more patients with access to affordable alternative treatment options and helping to reduce the cost burden on healthcare systems. 

Within 5 years, biosimilars will help the world save approximately

200 billion €*


Fully integrated biopharmaceutical value chain

Our expertise covers the entire end-to-end value chain from R&D, to manufacturing and supply to commercialization. Our European Research & Development Center’s state-of-the-art laboratories are at the core of the in-house development of our biosimilars. Our global cutting-edge production facilities with their multiple API production, filling, and packaging lines are designed for the ongoing expansion of our product pipeline. Our office-based experts work hand in hand to optimize our portfolio. Our commercial teams located around the world work together to ensure that healthcare professionals and patients have fast market access to our products. 

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“We truly know the importance of biosimilars for the healthcare market: This understanding is the driving force behind our commitment.”

Tanja Greve, Executive Vice President CFO Biopharma

Today, more than 1650 employees are working in the Fresenius Kabi Biopharma Business Unit to provide alternative treatment options to more patients worldwide. With our global presence, we leverage the existing Fresenius Kabi heritage and infrastructure while expanding our strong network of external partners who support us along the value chain to enhance the patient’s quality of life.

The biologic Contract Development and Manufacturing business-to-business model complements our current biosimilars service offering. The joint venture with mAbxience strengthens our strong technological, production, and commercial capabilities which makes us a reliable and trusted global partner in the biopharmaceutical and biosimilar sector. 

We are excited to fulfill our commitment to providing more products to even more patients across the world.

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