Ready for the Future

Our Vision 2026

Capturing new growth opportunities

The healthcare landscape is in a remarkable transitional period: changing demographics, health megatrends, ongoing digitalization, and intelligent technology, such as AI-assisted research are just some of the new factors shaping the future of care. As part of a strong healthcare group dedicated to advancing patient care globally, we are shaping healthcare of today and tomorrow. To best meet the paradigm shifts in therapy, treatment, and technology, we created our strategic framework for the next decade: Vision 2026 under the umbrella of the group's #FutureFresenius program. Our goal: to expand our position as a leading provider of products, services, and therapies for chronically and critically ill patients by investing in three key business growth areas, while strengthening core competencies and business volume.

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Our Vision 2026 

To better expand our global business offerings and market position, we developed a strategic framework for the next decade: Vision 2026! Its plan involves broadening Biopharma, expanding MedTech, and rolling out Nutrition while building greater resilience in Pharma. Each field of expertise is characterized by its individual set of goals and success parameters. These range from further growth and ensuring global competitiveness, to measures that make us the employer of choice for a global talent pool. Vision 2026 is an integral part of our group's #FutureFresenius program. Within this frame we will continue to implement a wide range of business, innovation, and communication activities to advance our impact and relevance for the healthcare world.