Mobility Kit

​Giving Sets and backpack for pump assisted application of enteral nutrition in mobile patients


  • 200-230 cm of length
  • Pump clamp
  • Roller clamp
  • T-Piece for syringe access

Product Range

  • EasyBag mobile Set for connection to the EasyBag
  • Bag mobile Set with attached Bag
  • Backpack suitable for 500ml and 1L Bag or EasyBag
  • Available for APPLIX Smart/ Vision pump and AMIKA Pump

ENLock/ ENPlus Range

  • Sets with LuerLock connector and detachable ENLock connector
  • Luer-free Sets with ENLock connector
  • The spike for connection to the nutrition container is compatible to both current ports and new ENPlus ports
  • ENPlus spikes are available by October 2013