Fresenius Kabi introduces CATSmart. The unique continuous red cell separation process based on Continuous Flow technology is designed for recycling blood intra- and post-OR during cardiac, orthopedic or vascular surgery. CATSmart is the only autotransfusion device on the market using Continuous Flow technology which guarantees an early access to RBC at any time with a reliable quality.


CATSmart ensures clinical performance benefits and ergonomic benefits.

Clinical performance benefits:

  • Consistently high hematocrit
  • Excellent wash out performance of albumin, potassium, heparin, free hemoglobin
  • Complete elimination of non-emulsified fat
  • Fastest processing time due to Continuous Flow technology

Ergonomic benefits:

  • Volume independent „one-fits-all” washing chamber
  • Unique height adjustment for better handling
  • Autostart function
  • Intelligent and silent modular vacuum source
  • A colored intuitive touchscreen
  • Efficient data transfer management


Three specific washing programs:

  • Smart Wash
  • Low volume Wash
  • Emergency Wash

Smart Wash ensures optimal balance between PRC output rate 20 – 40 mL/min and excellent wash out performance. Standard program that is recommended for the majority of surgical cases.

Low volume Wash is specially designed for pediatrics to process even small shed blood volumes of < 40 mL, with fast PRC output rate of 25 mL/min and excellent wash out performance.

Emergency Wash is the fastest cell salvage process of up to 100 mL/min RBC output rate, for quick access to washed PRC under emergency condition.​


​AT3 Autotransfusion set

  • Enables processing independent of blood volume (low/massive) starting at ~40ml
  • New HCT chamber to detect incoming and outgoing HCT
  • Includes unique washing chamber design plus reinfusion bag, waste bag, saline bag, centrifuge tubing, and pump adapter
  • Ideal for low volumes (pediatric procedures) up to massive bleeding (liver transplantation) - the user does not have to estimate the bleeding upfront
  • Only one AT3 set for all applications, resulting in logistic benefit as there is no need for additional stock for various bowl sizes like competitors offer it

Autotransfusion reservoir

  • The Fresenius ATR40 and ATR120 are 3 liter autotransfusion reservoirs with 40 or 120 micron filters respectively
  • They are used to collect, defoam, filter and store blood prior to processing.

Suction line

  • Suction line to aspirate and anticoagulate blood from the surgical field into an autotransfusion reservoir with 1/4" suction port, connected to a vacuum source
  • Length: 3,75 m

ATV 70/180 Vacuum line

  • Flexible vacuum alternative
  • Two different tube lengths (70 cm and 180 cm) to enable connection to all necessary vacuum components (hydrophobic filter, smoke filter, vacuum pump, overfill protector, external vacuum source)