​LOVO - automated laboratory cell processing system


LOVO is a laboratory cell processing system to wash differentiated and undifferentiated white blood cells in a gentle, fast and automated way to remove cell supernatant.

Major benefits of LOVO are:

  • Standardization of cell washing in a one-step process
  • Automated system
  • Time savings compared to centrifugation
  • Maintenance of cell viability through non-pelletizing process
  • High cell yield
  • Flexible volume range for source and end product
  • Data transfer via USB stick

Additional key features are:

  • Configurable Auto Dilution program to set parameter, e.g. cell type, cell concentration, source volume and volume of end product
  • Adjustable source volume ranges between 100 ml and 7.4 L*
  • Final volume can be set from 50 ml to 5 L*

* depending on source concentration and volume

Product Information

Please note that this product may not be available in all countries due to different registration status.

If you require any information, please contact your local organization.