Furosemide Fresenius Kabi

Furosemide Fresenius Kabi Solution For Injection 20mg/2ml

​A potent loop diuretic


​Furosemide Fresenius Kabi is indicated when a quick and effective diuresis is required, e.g. treatment of oedema. As a loop diuretic it causes an increased excretion of electrolytes and hereby an increased loss of water leading to a decreased plasma volume and a lowered blood pressure.

Furosemide Fresenius Kabi is highly effective in:

  • pulmonary oedema
  • oedema caused by hepatic or renal diseases
  • hypertensive crisis by decreasing plasma volume

Therapeutic Indications

Furosemide Kabi is indicated for: 

  • Oedema and/or ascites caused by cardiac or hepatic diseases
  • Oedema caused by renal diseases (in case of nephrotic syndrome, treatment of the underlying disease is essential)
  • Pulmonary oedema (e.g. in case of acute heart failure)
  • Hypertensive crisis (in addition to other therapeutic measures)

The parenteral administration of furosemide is indicated in cases where a prompt and effective diuresis is required and oral administration is not feasible or not efficient.


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20 mg/2 ml 2 ml amber glass ampoules ​5, 50 or 100

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Product Information

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