CompoFlex® Triple System

CompoFlex® Triple System

​For preparation of plasma, erythrocytes and thrombocytes from platelet-rich-plasma (Top & Top configuration) and buffy coat (Top & Bottom configuration)


  • Excellent physical characteristics and biocompatibility for storage of red cells, plasma and platelets to maintain excellent quality
  • Optimised foil quality
  • Defined in- and outside structure
  • Flexible foil for optimal mixing characteristics
  • Unique blood bag foil for all blood components
  • Optimal gas permeability
  • Bag design for optimal component processing and component yield
  • Compact and sophisticated blood bag system for quick and easy handling
  • Blood sampling adapters are available for working with different blood sampling tubes - reduces risk of infection - contamination
  • Transparent overwrap for visual inspection - easy to open
  • A wide range of blood bag accessories available

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