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Sterile connection of medical PVC tubing

Sales & Service

Adcock Ingram Critical Care (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 1 Sabax Rd, Aeroton, 2013
  • Phone: 011 494 8000


Characteristics of CompoDock® are:

  • It combines the need for quality, reliability and easy handling with the state of the art in sterile connection of medical PVC tubing
  • It is a patented technique and enables you to make sterile connections without wafers
  • It operates within a fully controlled sterile connecting process
  • Enable the highly efficient chain pooling method for pooling of buffy coats
  • Offers automatic documentation of the sterile connection process in terms of GMP, via DockMaster Net

DockMaster Net is part of the Compomation Data Management System.


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