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​Amino acid solution for parenteral nutrition containing glutamine and tyrosine


​Based on the well-established Vamin®

The signs/names marked with ® are registered trademarks of the Fresenius Group in selected countries.


Benefits for glutamine in PN

  • Strengthens immune defence
  • Shortens duration of hospital stay
  • Reduces 6-month mortality rate
  • Maintains gut integrity
  • Improves nitrogen balance
  • Lower risk of infections

Benefits for tyrosine in PN

  • Important precursor for catecholamines and tyroxine
  • To ensure an adequate tyrosine supply in critically ill patients (impaired synthesis of tyrosine out of Phenylalanine in these patients)


  • Amino acid solution containing the dipeptides glycyl-glutamine and glycyl-tyrosine
  • The amino acid (AA) content is 134 g/l
  • The nitrogen (N) content is 22.4 g/l
  • The glutamine content is 20 g/I
  • The tyrosine content is 2.3 g/I


  • Provides amino acids as part of parenteral nutrition therapy, when oral or enteral nutrition is impossible, insufficient or contraindicated
  • Is indicated in patients with moderate to severe catabolic status

Packaging / Dosage


Glass bottles 500 ml, 1000 ml

Dosage / Administration:

Please refer to the nationally registered and approved "Product Information".

Product Informations

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