The agent Gemcitabine is a cytostatic belonging to the therapeutic class of pyrimidine antimetabolite.

ATC-Code: L01XX19


Strength is denoted by disposable cap color.

  • Gemcitabine Kabi 200 mg
  • Gemcitabine Kabi 1000 mg
  • Gemcitabine Kabi 2000 mg


  • Locally advanced or metastatic bladder cancer in combination with cisplatin
  • First line treatment of patients with locally advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) in combination with cisplatin. Gemcitabine monotherapy can be considered in elderly patients or those with performance status 2
  • Locally advanced or metastatic epithelial ovarian carcinoma, in combination with carboplatin, in patients with relapsed disease following a recurrence-ree interval of at least 6 months after platinum-based, first-line therapy
  • Treatment of patients with unresectable, locally recurrent or metastatic breast cancer who have relapsed following adjuvant/neoadjuvant chemotherapy in combination with paclitaxel. Prior chemotherapy should have included an anthracycline unless clinically contraindicated


​1 ml of reconstituted solution contains 38 mg Gemcitabine. Gemcitabine is a white to off-white solid/powder for solution for infusion.

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