Volumat Agilia®

Volumat Agilia®

Intuitive Generation of Stand Alone Infusion Pumps​


  • Flow rate range: 1-1200 ml/h in normal mode (1ml/h increment).
  • 0.1 - 99.9 ml/h in micro mode (0.1 ml/h increment). Flow rate can be limited according to drug name (soft and hard limits) with Vigilant®, the IV Medication Safety Solution
  • Flow rate accuracy: + / -5% and even better in most clinical situations.
  • 5 setting modes are available: ml/h only (if optional drop sensor is used), Volume / Time with automatic calculation of the flow rate, Volume + Flow rate, Flow rate + Time, combination of Volume + Time + Rate.
  • OCS patent: The Occlusivity Check System is the only auto-test to check the good working order of the pump in association with its set and thus preventing risk of free-flow.
  • Bolus: 1200 ml/h, adjustable from 50 ml/h to 1200ml/h by 50 ml/h increments.
  • Programming modes:
    • No drug names: infusion without any display of the drug names
    • Drug labelling: infusion with the drug names displayed.
    • Vigilant® Drug'Lib: the secured IV administration mode by soft and hard limits.
  • Customized drug library with Vigilant®, the IV Medication Safety Solution.
  • 2 pressure modes: variable (from 50 to 750 mmHg, 50 mmHg increment) or 3 pre-set levels.
  • DPS: The Dynamic Pressure System - DPS - warns of pressure variations. A risk of obstruction or a possible leak in the infusion line can thus be anticipated.
  • Battery: Li-Ion, battery life at least 8 hours at 100 ml/h, remaining battery life and battery charge level available on the display.
  • Dimensions (H/W/D/) 145 x 130 x 135 mm / Weight: ~2000 gr.

The signs/names marked with ® are registered trademarks of the Fresenius Group in selected countries.


The Volumat Lines have been especially designed for the Volumat Agilia infusion pumps to prevent free-flow.



  • DEHP-free

All Volumat Lines are free from phthalates (DEHP) in order to limit patient exposure to the components of the plastic materials. There is no risk of DEHP migration into the vascular system of the patient during the IV Treatment.

  • Automatic flow stop

The SafeClip on the Volumat Lines automatically clamps the line to avoid any risk of free-flow when the door is opened and when the set is removed. The risk of an unclosed roller clamp is eliminated.

  • OCS for complete security

The occlusivity check system (OCS) is the auto-test that checks the correct working order of the pump in association with the silicone segment of the administration set to prevent free-flow. The efficiency of this combination is tested whenever the set is installed by performing the OCS test.

  • Guaranteed set performance

All Volumat Lines have a silicone pumping segment with a very precise diameter and high elasticity. The special design guarantees excellent flow rate accuracy and infusion reliability. Recalibration of the pump is not necessary.

  • Wide flow rate range

The design of the silicone segment enables constant flow rates in the range from 0.1 up to 1500 ml/h, whereas non-dedicated systems with PVC lines are limited to a maximum rate of 600 to 1000 ml/h.

  • Intelligent pressure management

Special sensors in the pump measure the pressure on two points of the silicone segment. Both upstream- and downstream occlusions occurring in the line are detected enabling safe pressure management.

  • Ease of use

The set connectors have the same blue and green colour and shape as the dedicated slots in the pump for an intuitive and fast installation of the set. This system makes it impossible to insert the set the wrong way round. Thanks to the high reliability of the pumps and the sets, a drop sensor is no longer necessary.


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