Orchestra® Base Primea

Orchestra® Base Primea

Base Primea offers a simultaneous control of both the hypnotic and analgesic effects in TCI.​


  • Configuration possible with up to 8 Modules (DPS and/or MVP)
  • Propofol, Sufentanil and Remifentanil in TCI
  • Better hemodynamic stability
  • Reduces the risk to reach toxic concentrations
  • Enables a faster therapeutical control
  • Time saving with up to 7 pre-programmed protocols
  • Anticipation and prediction of effects
  • Displays the future concentration levels
  • Displays the end of effect time for each anaesthetic drug
  • Battery life 1 hour minimum autonomy
  • Dimensions/Weight H=7.5, W=32, D=30 cm/~ 2.6 kg

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