Orchestra® Base Intensive

Orchestra® Base Intensive

Base Intensive is an interactive and integrated solution for superior infusion Management in CCU and ICU.​


  • Space saving
  • Configuration possible with up to 8 Modules (DPS and/or MVP)
  • 2 channels relay ensuring a continuous drug infusion for drugs with short half life
  • Enables at a glance visualisation of infusion lines, drug names, volume infused
  • Drug library for a limitation of adjustments according to relevant flow rates
  • Fluid balance
  • Graphic trends
  • 96 hours event logging
  • Simplified Communication with a single RS 232 connection
  • 1 hour minimum autonomy
  • A selection of drugs thanks to a bar code (optional)
  • Dimensions/Weight H=5.5, W=32, D=30 cm/~ 2,0 kg

Transparent extension line in PVC with 3-way stopcock, for infusion in 2-channel relay
Ø 1 x 2.5 mm, Priming volume ~ 2.5 ml

SE 20
Transparent extension line in PVC, for infusion in 2-channel relay, to be used in complement to SE Relay
Ø 1 x 2.5 mm, Priming volume ~ 0.2 ml

It is not recommended to use infusion lines with anti-siphone valves for automatic channel relay.

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