Freka Intestinal Tube


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Freka® CH/FR 9 Intestinal Tube for CH/FR 15 PEG ENFit®

Product Description

  • Radio-opaque polyurethane percutaneous endoscopic jejunostomy tube for use with CH/FR 15 PEG (7755643) for long term feeding.
  • ENFit® compliant
  • Latex, PVC, DEHP free

 Tube design

  • Material: Polyurethane, latex free
  • Intestinal tube: 120cm (cut to size required)
  • External diameter: (CH/FR 9) 2.9mm
  • Internal diameter: (CH/FR 9) 1.9mm
  • Interval markings: Intestinal tube markings every 5cm
  • White radio-opaque strip along tube length
  • Distal double S-Bend (end of intestinal tube) with olive (Bullet) tip and small antenna tube

 Pack contents

  • Polyurethane intestinal tube with Teflon™ coated guidewires and Y-shaped positioning screw
  • Y-connector
  • 15 CH/FR ENFit® connector (Green) 
  • Click adapter connects intestinal and gastric tubes
  • Freka® UK funnel adapter (on Y connector) for decompression


  • Ileus
  • Gross ascites
  • Peritonitis 
  • Oesophageal obstruction 
  • Malignancy at anticipated puncture site 
  • Inability to pass endoscope
  • Active gastric/duodenal ulceration 
  • Clotting disorders 
  • Gross obesity

Tube care

  • Flush tube before and after feeding using the universal funnel adapter attached and preferably a 50ml syringe
  • Use cooled boiled water to flush

Administration of medication

Liquid or dissolved medication should be administrated via the tube whenever possible. Do not use crushed tablets. 

Important notes

  • Do not use fluids containing acids, particularly fruit juices, since they may cause coagulation of the nutritional protein.
  • If the tube blocks, the tube must be exchanged. Under no circumstances should the tube be forced flushed. Nor should any attempt be made to recreate patency by use of a guidewire. This could cause damage to the tube, injury to the patient and peritonitis due to leakage. 
  • Flush the tube before and after each administration of medication. Do not under any circumstances administer medications such as antacids together with the formula.


Product order codes

Fresenius Kabi product order code - 7755646

Customer Services Telephone Number: 01928 533533