Lipid Emulsions

Lipid Emulsions

Fresenius Kabi is a leading provider of lipid emulsions, and the first to develop a fish oil containing lipid emulsion.


Lipid Emulsions

More than a Source of Energy

Indication: SMOFlipid 20% (6% soybean oil / 6% medium chain triglycerides / 5% olive oil/ 3% fish oil) is indicated for supply of energy and essential fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids to adult patients, as part of a parenteral nutrition regimen, when oral or enteral nutrition is impossible, insufficient or contraindicated.



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Intralipid (lipid injectable emulsion) is the world’s leading lipid emulsion for parenteral nutrition. It was developed over 50 years ago and remains the most extensively documented lipid in the world with over 2000 publications.

Intralipid® 20% and 30% lipid injectable emulsion contains soybean oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids (linoleic and α-linolenic acid).


INTRALIPID® should be used as an energy source in patients for whom the usual intravenous fluid therapy would not be adequate and as a source of essential fatty acids to prevent essential fatty acid deficiency.

Intralipid can be used in both adult and pediatric patients. Due to the lack of experience, INTRALIPID® 30% is not recommended for use in infants.