Global Operations Trainee Program​

Global Operations Trainee Program

​Entering our company at a trainee level presents great opportunities for pursuing an outstanding career within Fresenius Kabi. Clinical Nutrition & Complex Formulations, Generics & Standard Solutions as well as Medical Devices are the key focus areas of our bGlobal Operations Trainee Program and have also played crucial roles in the career paths of two of our executives:

“Having joined Fresenius Kabi 18 years ago as part of a business acquisition, I was curious to learn more about our new parent company. With several years experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and a degree in science and an MBA, I specialized in microbiology and was always passionate about pharmaceutical manufacturing, where aseptic and terminal sterilization processes play such a critical role.

I did not have to wait long to learn about Fresenius Kabi’s structure, as following the acquisition I was immediately sent on an extensive training program in several of the manufacturing plants.

During this training period, I was offered a production management position in one of the European manufacturing plants. It was during this period that I discovered the enormous professional opportunities offered by Fresenius Kabi. Starting off in production management, I was offered shortly thereafter an opportunity in plant management. This was followed by further professional opportunities to manage a second and third manufacturing plant which eventually has led to the opportunity to head up Global Operations with 15 manufacturing plants spanning four continents.

Vertical integration plays a key role in our manufacturing strategy, where control of the raw material and the development of in-house manufacturing equipment are key success elements.

The phenomenal growth of Fresenius Kabi serves as the perfect platform for professional career opportunities, where qualities such as entrepreneurship, dedication and passion are recognized and rewarded. To become the leading company in infusion therapy and clinical nutrition in Europe and in the most important countries of Latin America and Asia Pacific has not happened by chance. Leadership by the Board and well-executed strategic growth has consolidated this position in recent years and has served to ensure that Fresenius Kabi has also become one of the most important suppliers of I.V. generic drugs in North America.

My curiosity about Fresenius Kabi 18​ years ago has been replaced by the knowledge of being part of an exciting, dynamic global company, where people play a central role in its success. It is extremely rewarding to work in an industry where you feel that you can make a real difference in people’s lives, and more so if your company is able to offer such tremendous career path opportunities.”

“With a start in the automotive industry as shop floor engineer, I now have the joy to head the Global Operations Clinical Nutrition & Complex Formulations at Fresenius Kabi.

I joined the Fresenius Kabi group and the healthcare industry in 2001. The entrepreneurship, growth pattern and hands-on management style attracted me as much as the opportunity to apply state-of-the-art process know-how and leadership. At that time, I took over the responsibility for the largest Transfusion Technology site in the group, located in the Netherlands. Driving quality up and costs down was the main focus of my work. With the continued and rapid growth of Fresenius Kabi my paths continued and lead me to Sweden where I took charge of our parenteral nutrition plant. A great set of people, the support of the Board and my experience created an environment that enabled the company to outperform competition by far. Local ownership combined with global thinking is Fresenius Kabi’s operating principle. Fresenius Kabi is a great company that sets the right focus by defining strategic fields in which innovation based on ultimate experience makes the difference in operation. We at Fresenius Kabi want our people to make commitments and live up to them. Passion, discipline and trust form the core of our work.

Fresenius Kabi provides great opportunities for motivated, engaged people that focus on excellence based on values.”