Global I&D Trainee Program

Global I&D Trainee Program

Graduates Seeking for More - Creativity and Experimental Spirit to Build the Future Product Portfolio

Fresenius Kabi continuously strives to fulfill the promise “caring for life” by expanding the product portfolio in Clinical Nutrition, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices and by introducing new products to the global healthcare markets.

In​​ order to serve the needs of the patients and the international healthcare community, we established a network of Innovation & Development Centers (I&DCs) across the world, which are the backbone of our integrated product development. Our research work is, as our production network, very much vertically integrated: we often start from scratch, from developing the active pharmaceutical ingredients, the pharmaceutical or nutritional formulation, the analytical methods required to monitor the safety and quality of our products as well as the medical devices to administer our products safely and efficiently.

Researchers and specialists from various disciplines contribute to enhancements of our product offerings. They patent their innovative ideas and develop new products out of these. Our research centers allow for a multidisciplinary approach of problem solving in research and quite a few of them are working in close proximity to specialized production and technology centers allowing them to not only work on the lab bench but also to work on the scale up of their ideas and by that contribute to a successful and efficient market entry. They directly participate in the market introduction and can see “their” product gaining speed. We consider creativity and experimental spirit combined with entrepreneurship, teamwork and responsibility of our individual employees - key to our sustainable success - and offer them the freedom such accompanied attributes:

Like the chemist, who gathered first experience in analytical chemistry during her post-doc assignment and then joined our Innovation and Development Center intravenous generics. She is developing an array of highly sophisticated analytical methods for each of the generic molecules our development team is working with, in order to select the active pharmaceutical ingredients with the least possible impurities and by that allow for the best possible quality of the finished drug product.

Or the specialist in complex pharmaceutical formulation, who joined the team responsible for creating innovative galenic formulations, of highly insoluble drugs. His experience and skill set in drug delivery techniques allows manufacturing at an industrial scale a stable ready-to-use formulation of a drug which required reconstitution at the hospital pharmacy or the bedside before.

Or the chemical and food engineers, who recently joined Fresenius Kabi after finishing their Ph.D. on process development, in particular focusing on complex fluids and encapsulation techniques. They are now working in the development of complex formulations creating new and innovative ways to deliver active pharmaceutical ingredients. Their challenges include the protection of molecules with therapeutic activity from degradation during thermal sterilization; oxidation and mechanical degradation during processing, new emulsification techniques, etc. They are also in charge of looking at new processing platforms like membrane engineering for sterilization purposes; micro-encapsulation; nanotechnology, etc. These platforms will be the frame for the design and development of highly innovative products in the near future. These professionals take over the responsibility of scaling-up and down these new technological platforms. Thus, they do have to closely work with our global operations technical teams that later on will take the responsibility for regular production.

Or as the nutritional scientist, who joined Fresenius Kabi after his doctor thesis and was fascinated by the documentation and management of the stringent research results in such a way that marketing authorizations in different regulatory environments around the globe can be obtained in an efficient way. His success is based on his thorough understanding of similarities and differences of the international healthcare regulations but also on his intercultural management skills of difficult discussions with regulatory bodies.

Or the developer of an electronic medical device used on critically ill patients who came from a small island in the Indian Ocean, studied in France and started her career with Fresenius Kabi. She now heads a department of more than 10 specialists in electronics and mechanics and has become the main architect and driver behind two recently introduced, highly successful products. For her it is not just developing the new product that makes her job interesting but also the holistic responsibility including final product costs, close collaboration with production, and simultaneous engineering along the projects. She instantly recognizes during production what has been developed by the project teams before. Now there are new challenges ahead. The safety requirements are ever increasing and it is no longer the individual product but the whole system used for the application of drugs and nutrients. This leads to new work concepts that include much closer cooperation with R&D colleagues from pr​​oduct areas and other sites around the world.

The wide range of our product offering guarantees that there are very interesting research options pursued also in the future, from high tech blood treatment machines to simple gravity infusion lines, from standard infusion solutions in various containers to sophisticated 3-chamber-bags containing all nutrients required in parenteral nutrition treatment, and from the synthesis and purification of high potent cytotoxic drugs to liquid and solid presentations of numerous medicines. This wide range of activities results in numerous opportunities in our global research organization and we encourage our employees to move to other sites and broaden their experience from both, a professional and a personal point of view.